Welcome to the Healthy Endowment Blog.  It’s like an appendix for the Healthy Endowment Model.  In presentations of the model, we often get sidetracked by topics that bog down the exercise but are still worth exploring further.  The blog provides a place to continue those conversations.

So what is the Healthy Endowment Model?  It’s a comprehensive endowment planning and implementation exercise built around organizationally holistic success metrics.  It’s a means to illuminating solutions for some of the most pervasive endowment problems encountered by non-profits, especially those without professional development staff.

Endowment Resource Group is available to consult with nonprofits on their endowment planning and development.  And we continue to explore partnership opportunities that would enable us to offer more thorough solutions to endowment challenges than are available today in the marketplace.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us as below.

Thank you for visiting,


Curt Cowan


or via email at:  wccowanjr [put the little “at” sign here] [put gmail dot com here]


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